Denmark to Walpole (126 km/78 mi)

Well what can I say, I’m the only end-to-ender out here! I’m all alone out here and I’m learning to like it. I’ve hiked over 130 miles and have been hiking solo the whole time. Over the last few days I’ve hutted with some Australian and German section hikers but that’s about it for human interaction. My daily encounters have been with 3 things: kangaroos (who use the Bibbulmun as their express lane), snakes (saw between 5 to 10 a day on 1st section), and spiders (tarantula- size spiders that like to build their webs across the trail). It’s so peaceful out here. The leaves have fallen since its autumn down here. I’ll actually get to experience fall twice in one year! This last section took me from pristine, sandy “unpatrolled” beaches to tingle forests with gigantic sequoia-like trees. My legs are sore but no injuries or blisters to report. At each of the 9 towns, I stay in a hostel where I get a chance to rejuvenate. Here in Walpole I’m staying at the YHA. Tomorrow I’ll press on with my 5 days of supplies I bought from IGA. Till the next town!

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  1. Great pictures!

    1. Thanks Stephanie I’ll have more pictures coming soon.

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