Balingup to Collie (86 km/53 mi)

The walk to Collie from Balingup was nice because there was sunshine and clear skies the whole way. I met a lot of youngsters on the track since they are on their second week of school holiday. Yesterday was also the observance of ANZAC day (those Australians and New Zealanders who died at landing of Gallipoli and in all wars). Collie is the largest Track town and even has a McDonalds. I resupplied at Coles and Woolworths and ate at the adjoining pub at Colliefields Hotel.

I’ve now hiked approximately 400 miles (as of reaching Collie). That means just 200 more miles to complete my end-to-end of the Bibbulmun Track!

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4 thoughts on “Balingup to Collie (86 km/53 mi)

  1. It was great meeting you on the track David. You are an inspiration and when I feel the bureaucratic traps at work, I remember your great happiness at the freedom of walking each day in nature. Enjoy the rest of your trip, especially the West Australian bit.

    1. Likewise, it was so great to meet you as well. The Bibbulmun is truly an adventure I’ll never forget!

      1. Enjoy the rest of your time in WA. Check out Parker Point on Rottnest for a snorkel if there is no wind on that side of the island. Good travels and best of luck for the Pacific trail.

      2. I’m also going to check out Cottlesloe Beach before taking off. Thanks for the tip!

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