Donnelly River Village to Balingup (58 km/36 mi)

Apart from stepping over the largest tiger snake I have ever seen in my life, this was a relatively easy section. The huts that I sleep in between towns are well-kept and some even have bunks. As I walk northward, I’m starting to see more and more hikers (section hikers and end-to-enders). I’ve seen many more kangaroos, emus, kookaburras, gold ring parrots, blue wrens, dugites, and quenda (marsupial).

Flora include Zimia Palm, Grass trees, Pinus Radiaita, Marri trees, Jarrah trees, and Karri trees (eucalyptus diversicolor).

This section also took me through high rolling hills and private dairy farms. There was some dirt road walking but the commanding views made up for it! I also walked past large patches of wild blackberries.

In Balingup, I stayed at a cottage run by a retired man named Ron. He was a nice fellow who let me in on the history of Balingup. He also showed me around his marron ponds. He farms these crayfish crustaceans and sells them to wholesalers for restaurants and fine dining.

Got some more rain in this section so I used “wicking wads” (newspaper) stuffed in my shoes to help dry them out.

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