Bibbulmun Track (2018)

Before thru-hiking the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT), I will be end-to-ending the Bibbulmun Track in Western Australia (WA).  The Bibbulmun Track is one of Australia’s long-distance trails stretching 1000 kilometers (about 600 miles) from the south coast in the historic town of Albany northbound to Kalamunda, just east of Perth.  I will be taking 6 weeks to complete the track and then flying from Perth to San Diego to begin my northbound PCT thru-hike.


To give you some grasp on the distance, the length of hiking the Bibbulmun Track is the same as walking from Denver to Kansas City!

Here is an introduction video to the Bibbulmun Track:


Walking Northbound, there are 9 sections of the Bibbulmun Track (1004 km/624 mi):

Albany to Denmark (85 km/53 mi)

Denmark to Walpole (126 km/78 mi)

Walpole to Northcliffe (142 km/88 mi)

Northcliffe to Pemberton (59 km/37 mi)

Pemberton to Donnelly River Village (109 km/68 mi)

Donnelly River Village to Balingup (58 km/36 mi)

Balingup to Collie (86 km/53 mi)

Collie to Dwellingup (128 km/80 mi)

Dwellingup to Kalamunda (211 km/131 mi)


I will be averaging 17 miles/28 km per day with 1 day off per week.

Bibbulmun Track Daily Itinerary


Google Map of the Bibbulmun Track:

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