Colorado Trail (2019)

While hiking the PCT in 2018, I decided that the Colorado Trail would be my next long-distance hike.  Stretching 485 miles from Littleton to Durango, this trail moves through some remarkable terrain with 75,000 feet of elevation change.  The highest point of the Colorado Trail is 13,334 ft. above sea level (Coney Summit in the San Juans) and the vast majority of the trail is above 10,000 ft.  Completed in 1987, the trail begins at the mouth of the Waterton Canyon (Northern Terminus) and finishes near Durango (Southern Terminus).  There are 28 segments to the Colorado Trail.


A Brief History of the Colorado Trail can be found here:

Trail History

28 Segments of the Colorado Trail (CT)

Segment 1 (16.1 Miles/2,224 Feet Elevation Gain/Kassler-Waterton Canyon Trailhead to South Platte Townsite)

Segment 2 (9.4 Miles/1,958 Feet Elevation Gain/South Platte Townsite to County Rd 126)

Segment 3 (13.4/1,450 Feet Elevation Gain/County Rd 126 to Forest Service Rd 543)

Segment 4 (15.2 Miles/2,880 Feet Elevation Gain/Forest Service Rd 543 to Long Gulch)

Segment 5 (14.0 Miles/1,520 Feet Elevation Gain/Long Gulch to Kenosha Pass)

Segment 6 (25.4 Miles/2,650 Feet Elevation Gain/Kenosha Pass to Gold Hill Trailhead)

Segment 7 (13.1 Miles/3,680 Feet Elevation Gain/Gold Hill Trailhead to Copper Mountain)

Segment 8 (24.1 Miles/3,660 Feet Elevation Gain/Copper Mountain to Tennessee Pass)

Segment 9 (14.9 Miles/1,160 Feet Elevation Gain/Tennessee Pass to Hagerman Pass Road)

Segment 10 (11.4 Miles/1,760 Feet Elevation Gain/Hagerman Pass Road to Halfmoon Creek)

Segment 11 (28.9 Miles /4,200 Feet Elevation Gain/Halfmoon to Clear Creek Road)

Segment 12 (18.2 Miles/4,520 Feet Elevation Gain/Clear Creek to North Cottonwood Creek Rd)

Segment 13 (22.2 Miles/3,700 Miles Elevation Gain/North Cottonwood Creek to Chalk Creek Rd)

Segment 14 (20.0 Miles/3,100 Feet Elevation Gain/Chalk Creek to US Highway 50)

Segment 15 (14.0 Miles/3,340 Feet Elevation Gain/US Highway 50 to Marshall Pass)

Segment 16 (14.5 Miles/2,840 Feet Elevation Gain/Marshall Pass to Sargents Mesa)

Segment 17 (20.3 Miles/2,440 Feet Elevation Gain/Sargents Mesa to Colorado Hwy 114)

Segment 18 (12.9 Miles/1,210 Feet Elevation Gain/Colorado Hwy 114 to Saguache Park Rd)

Segment 19 (13.5 Miles/1,660 Feet Elevation Gain/Saguache Park Rd. to Eddiesville Trailhead)

Segment 20 (12.2 Miles/2,680 Feet Elevation Gain/Eddiesville Trailhead to San Luis Pass)

Segment 21 (14.5 Miles/2,920 Feet Elevation Gain/San Luis Pass to Spring Creek Pass)

Segment 22 (18.3 Miles/3,980 Feet Elevation Gain/Spring Creek Pass to Carson Saddle)

Segment 23 (12.0 Miles/1,020 Feet Elevation Gain/Carson Saddle to Rio Grande Reservoir Rd.)

Segment 24 (21.1 Miles/4,600 Feet Elevation Gain/Rio Grande Reservoir Rd. to Molas Pass)

Segment 25 (19.9 Miles/2,720 Feet Elevation Gain/Molas Pass to Bolam Pass Road)

Segment 26 (11.0 Miles/1,320 Feet Elevation Gain/Bolam Pass Road to Hotel Draw Road)

Segment 27 (20.1 Miles/3,440 Feet Elevation Gain/Hotel Draw Road to Cumberland Basin)

Segment 28 (20.8 Miles/1,160 Feet Elevation Gain/Cumberland Basin to Junction Ck. Trailhead)

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