Israel National Trail (2022)


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From the hymnic verses of Amos comes one of the many characterizations of Yahweh as the almighty creator:

He who forms the mountains,

creates the wind,

and reveals his thoughts to man,

he who turns dawn to darkness,

and treads the high places of the earth—

the LORD God Almighty is his name.

—Amos 4:13

Trail Sections (north to south starting at Kibbutz Dan):

◾Section 1: From Dan to Tel Hai ◾Section 2: From Tel Hai to Metzudat Koach ◾Section 3: From Metzudat Koach to Dishon ◾Section 4: From Dishon to Mt. Meron ◾Section 5: From Mt. Meron to Ein Koves (Safed) ◾Section 6: From Ein Koves to Migdal ◾Section 7: From Migdal to Poriya ◾Section 8: From Poriya to Yavne’el ◾Section 9: From Yavne’el to Kfar Kish ◾Section 10: From Kfar Kish to Mashad ◾Section 11: From Mashad to Hanezirim Mill ◾Section 12: From Hanezirim Mill to Osfia ◾Section 13: From Osfia to Nahal Me’arot ◾Section 14: From Nahal Me’arot to Zichron Yaakov ◾Section 15: From Zichron Yaakov to Hadera ◾Section 16: From Hadera to Netanya ◾Section 17: From Netanya to Tel Aviv ◾Section 18: From Tel Aviv to Tel Afek ◾Section 19: From Tel Afek to Gimzu ◾Section 20: From Gimzu to Mesilat Tzion ◾Section 21: From Mesilat Tzion to Tzuba ◾Section 22: From Tzuba to Eziona Junc. ◾Section 23: From Eziona Junc. to Beit Guvrin ◾Section 24: From Beit Guvrin to Tel Keshet ◾Section 25: From Tel Keshet to Dvir ◾Section 26: From Dvir to Meitar ◾Section 27: From Meitar to Amasa ◾Section 28: From Amasa to Arad ◾Section 29: From Arad to Be’er Efe ◾Section 30: From Be’er Efe to Meizad Tamar ◾Section 31: From Meizad Tamar to Makhtesh Katan ◾Section 32: From Makhtesh Katan to Oron ◾Section 33: From Oron to Mador ◾Section 34: From Mador to Sde Boker ◾Section 35: From Sde Boker to Akev ◾Section 36: From Akev to Hava ◾Section 37: From Hava to Mitzpe Ramon ◾Section 38: From Mitzpe Ramon to Saharonim ◾Section 39: From Saharonim to Holit ◾Section 40: From Holit to Zofar ◾Section 41: From Zofar to Barak ◾Section 42: From Barak to Zihor Junc. ◾Section 43: From Zihor Junc. to Shizafon ◾Section 44: From Shizafon to Shaharut ◾Section 45: From Shaharut to Timna ◾Section 46: From Timna to Raham Etek ◾Section 47: From Raham Etek to Yehoram ◾Section 48: From Yehoram to Eilat

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