Albany to Denmark (85 km/53 mi)

Beginning Friday March 30, 2018, I flew from Denver to Los Angeles to Melbourne to Perth to Albany. On Monday April 2, beginning on the south coast of Western Australia (WA), I commenced my 40-day hike of the Bibbulmun Track from the Southern Terminus in Albany.

Gradually, I’ll pass through the 9 Track towns where I’ll do my resupplies. I also make a point to stop in for fresh fish and chips and a meat pie! Every time I get to one of these towns I stay in a YHA (Youth Hostel of Australia). In between the towns (usually 4-5 days) I stay in 3-sides huts similar to the Appalachian Trail (AT). In fact, the Bibbulmun Track was inspired by an Australian man who came to America and hiked the AT and envisioned a similar long-distance trail for Australia. The shelters were in large part built by prison inmates as a way of putting them to hard, productive labor.

The trail is 1000 km or about 600 miles. I have now completed 1 of 9 sections.

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8 thoughts on “Albany to Denmark (85 km/53 mi)

  1. Thank-you for the update. I like the boardwalk. It helps protect the environment. But I am tired from all the miles you have put in.

    Take care

    1. After the first few hundred miles you stop counting! Thanks Ray

  2. Wonderful to see your smiling happy face and that great scenery, especially the ocean shots… FABULOUS!!
    Thank you so much for sharing your adventure with us.

    1. Thanks Jeanne. Pictures, as usual, don’t do justice but hopefully give a hint of my experiences down here. You are a very encouraging person. Thank you.

  3. Wow David! Beautiful area.

    1. Thanks Dylan, I’m in the process of uploading some more photos if your interested.

  4. The pictures are great, thanks for sharing!!

    1. Thanks Brian standby for more pics…

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